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Book Vending Machine

Book Vending Machine

We are so excited to have a Book Vending Machine in the BVE Library! 

We purchased the machine to encourage positive behavior, recognize students who are working hard, and get books in the hands of our students. Teachers and support staff are given three Golden Tickets per month to recognize students. When a student receives a Golden Ticket, they come down to the library where we celebrate them. Sometimes, support staff comes in to cheer for them as well.

Students will then trade their Golden Ticket for a Gold Coin that they can put into the Book Vending Machine. The book they choose they get to keep forever and take home. Each book is stamped on the inside, letting families know that they earned the book from the Book Vending Machine! We take their picture and even try to have students call home to share the great news!

We make a huge deal out of the Golden Ticket Winners because they are great examples of BVE Explorer, and we are so proud of them!