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Moving & Withdrawal

Moving Away?

We would like to make your transition from our school to your new one as smooth as possible.  Providing advance notice and addressing the items below will help you with the transition.

Notify the School Registrar: Please come into the office to request a withdrawal form, or you can download one here. We would like to know in advance your student’s last day of school, the name of your student’s new school (if known), the City and State you are heading to, your contact phone number, email, and we'll need a signature from you. This will help us prepare your student’s withdrawal form ahead of time.  

Return Books & Clear Fines: Textbooks and library books must be returned by the student’s last day of school. Any outstanding books will be placed on the fine list. Make sure your student’s fines (if any) are all cleared prior to withdrawing. 

Food Service Balance: Please check the balance on your student’s Food Service Account. If they have a negative balance, please send payment in with them. Should they have a positive balance, please contact the Oak Harbor School District Office at 360-279-5000 for a refund.  You can also send an email to Nancy Alvarado to submit your refund request in writing.

Medication in the Health room: We want to ensure that your student’s leftover medication is safely returned to you. If applicable, please make arrangements to pick-up all medication at the BVE Health room. Please take note that any medication left in the health room will be destroyed. 

Again, our hope is to make this transition as smooth as possible. Please contact us at 360-279-5250 should you have any questions.